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Project Services

Our project services cover the design, procurement and management of construction and refurbishment schemes. Building projects can be complex and the risks should be properly managed. We are experienced in guiding our clients through the process so all aspects of design, cost, programme, safety, statutory compliance and quality are properly controlled. 

Whilst we offer the following individual project services, more often it makes sense for all of these roles to be undertaken by one organisation to not only reduce the level of consultancy fees for the client but ensure continuity from the pre-construction design stage through to practical completion and beyond. New Forest Surveying offers that 'turn key' project management service to ensure your project is a success.


Principle Designer

Under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 which applies to all construction work in the UK, the client has a legal duty to appoint a Principle Designer (usually the lead designer/consultant) to take control of the pre-construction phase of a project to eliminate or reduce and control foreseeable health and safety risks.

As Principle Designer we ensure our clients are aware of their duties under the CDM regulations, that all parties to the project communicate and co-operate and that the Principal Contractor is informed and undertaking their duties. 


On a large proportion of projects the design role often lends itself to the skills of a Building Surveyor as opposed to an Architect or Engineer. A successful design needs to consider more than aesthetics and structural stability. Longevity and future maintenance, initial cost and life cycle costs, sustainability and quality need to also be carefully considered at design stage. 

At New Forest Surveying we will take the time to understand and develop the design brief, provide recommendations to ensure you have considered different options and maximized the building's potential. 

Architectural Plans

Contract Administrator

The role of Contract Administrator involves managing the contract between the Employer and Building Contractor. We have the knowledge and skill to understand the relevant contractual provisions and know how to apply them. We have in-depth knowledge of construction and the inter-relation between trades and construction operations so that the changes and the impact of changes can be traced.  We ensure that their is a detailed contract sum analysis to enable costs to be controlled once the project has commenced.

As part of this role we will chair meetings, regularly inspect the works, issue contract instructions (variations), determine any applications for extensions of time by the contractor, authorise interim payments, certify the date of completion and settle the adjusted contract sum ('final account').

Feasibility & Development Appraisals

Before deciding whether to proceed with a development or project it is advisable to undertake a development appraisal or feasibility study. This exercise assists our client in establishing whether a scheme is financially viable and, where required, considers design, procurement and buildability.

Architect hold plans
House Construction

Development Monitoring

Where a bank or fund is helping to finance a development they have a vested interest in its success and need to ensure that the risks have been mitigated with adequate site investigations and that the works are being carried out in accordance with any required permissions and to a high standard. Funding will typically be released on a monthly draw down basis following a site inspection and detailed report by us to ensure the amount being claimed is in line with what has been achieved on site.

We are geographically positioned to regularly and closely monitor development schemes for our clients in Hampshire and the adjacent counties at competitive fee rates.

Planning & Building Regulations

We can assist you in preparing drawings and supporting documents and making applications to your local authority for planning, listed building and building regulations consent. Current standards are subject to regular change, we will ensure your drawings meet those standards and can be easily followed by your builder/contractor.

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